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Drywall Finishing

Drywall Finishing and Taping is an important part of the construction of building interiors and exterior walls, and ceilings. Work includes the application of various finishes on schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, shopping centers, and all building interiors. The Drywall Finishers spread and smooth various finishing materials with a variety of tools to create the final product that we see in modern construction and interior design.

Drywall Finishing Apprentices work under the supervision of a Journeyman Drywall Finisher who will train you on-the-job and in one of our Southern California training centers. Upon completion of the Apprenticeship program you receive a California State and Federally recognized completion certificate.

Length of Program:
Approximately 3 years & 5,400 hours on-the-job training.

Stage and pay advancements are every 900 hours on the job training.

Drywall Finisher Wages
(effective 1/1/24):

1st Stage Apprentice $21.55
2nd Stage Apprentice $23.94
3rd Stage Apprentice $26.33
4th Stage Apprentice $28.73
5th Stage Apprentice $31.12
6th Stage Apprentice $38.30

• Competitive starting wage and scheduled raises
• Vacation pay
• Health and welfare benefits for you and your family
• Pension Plan

Program Requirements:
• 18 years of age or older
• Valid form of identification
• Reliable transportation
• Physically able to do the job

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