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Commercial Painting

Commercial Painters apply decorative and protective paint, special finishes and Wallpaper in commercial settings. Work includes high-rise buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, and convention centers. Special finishes could be applied by either brush, roller or spray devices.

Commercial Painting Apprentices will work under the supervision of a Commercial Journeyman Painter who will train you on-the-job and in one of our Southern California training centers. Upon completion of the Apprenticeship program you will receive a California State and Federally recognized completion certificate. At the conclusion of your training you should be able to read blue prints, manage a job, and become a professional in our trade.

Length of Program:
Approximately 3.5 years & 7,200 hours on-the-job training.

Stage and pay advancements are every 900 hours on the job training.

Commercial Apprentice Wages (effective 7/1/20):

1st Stage Apprentice $14.24
2nd Stage Apprentice $14.90
3rd Stage Apprentice $15.70
4th Stage Apprentice $17.18
5th Stage Apprentice $18.66
6th Stage Apprentice $20.15
7th Stage Apprentice $21.65
8th Stage Apprentice $23.13

• Competitive starting wage and scheduled raises
• Vacation pay
• Health and welfare benefits for you and your family
• Pension Plan

Program Requirements:
• 18 years of age or older
• Valid form of identification
• Reliable transportation
• Physically able to do the job